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Job Description of a Material Handler

In commercial and industrial facilities like logistics firms, warehouses and manufacturing plants, there is always someone whose task is to move around materials or products. Their duties range from handling hazardous materials to lifting cargo – tasks reserved to material handlers.

Tasks of a Material Handler

The tasks of a material handler depends on their workplace. In logistics, stockrooms, warehouses and retail establishments, they primarily load and unload transport vehicles and stack boxes and other products into storage platforms. In manufacturing plants, they move chemicals and other hazardous materials and finished products. In line production facilities, they unload goods into conveyor belts.
Their tasks are not limited to movement because at times they can help pack or unpack goods, shovel aggregates and even perform inventory.

A material handler, before moving goods, needs to make sure they will move the exact quantity and quality of goods. This they do by receiving and understanding their work orders, read labels on boxes and obtaining copies of purchase orders and other pertinent papers.

As with handling materials, they move heavy boxes or crates, operating forklifts, wheel barrows, electric dolly, crane or any other machines. To open containers, they use steel cutters, claw hammers, crowbar and other hand tools.


Not everyone can apply for the work of a material handler. Employers often prefer applicants who display physical strength/stamina – a requirement for tasks that involves lifting heavy objects, bending and standing. Can you handle that?

Aside from physical strength, you would also need an affinity with tools because handlers will have to use certain tools or machines in performing their work. The forklift and crane are two such equipment in the movement of materials. Applicants who are certified forklift and crane operators get hired easily.

Applicants should also possess skills on documentation or inventory, endurance for working in loud environments and high regards for occupation safety. Experience is also key to getting job as a material handler.