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About Developmental Intellectual Disabilities Coordinator Jobs in Kentucky

Duties of a Warehouse Coordinator

What other careers can experienced workers pursue? If you are someone with management and organizational skills, time management, basic computer knowledge, technical skills, communication skills, and have worked in a fast-moving workplace, perhaps you can do as a warehouse coordinator.

Such a position is available in warehouses that belong to retail establishments, logistics companies and manufacturing firms. As a warehouse coordinator, you will oversee warehouse activities and direct the staff performing their duties. Not only will you perform functions that relate to your management and leadership of operations and staff but also perform clerical tasks and administrative functions.

Your duties will include the following but not limited to:

Coordinating warehouse operation with the staff
Checking on the release and return of cargo, goods and other materials
Logging incoming and outgoing shipments
Monitoring the adequate supply of goods and materials
Conducting inventories of items in the warehouse
Filling orders from stocks
Receiving deliveries
Processing shipping
Creating reports and records
Transporting items manually or with the use of equipment
Meeting with clients and transportation firms
Planning warehouse activities
Formulating policies and procedures
Assisting in various management activities as assigned

The job of the warehouse coordinator is one job that greatly requires management and leadership qualities. You should be someone who has worked in a workplace where things move fast and people work round the clock. Times things can get stressful when there are deliveries to make and deadlines to meet.

If you think you are fit for the job, then apply today at the nearest warehouse near you.