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About Navajo Tribal Utility Authority Jobs in New Mexico

Have you ever seen or met someone whose job is to move around in the locality and read the meters of your electric, gas or water utility on a regular basis? Well, these people are meter readers, hired by utility companies to read or record consumers' readers for your upcoming billing. Before your utility company sends you your bill, the meter reader has to read your meter first.

A meter reader takes on their assigned routes, trekking or driving to each home and business along their route and examining their meters. They either record the readings by writing them down on a route book or with the help of an electric device. At the end of the collection route, they will enter the readings onto a computer so the utility provider can determine how much you own them. Then they will send you your bill.

How can you become a meter reader? Well, there is no required certification or license for the job, but utility companies prefer applicants who have a high school diploma or GED and work experience in utility or trades business. Technical training would be an asset.

Aspiring applicants will be instructed by the veterans on how to read and understand different types of meters. They will also be taught how to locate a meter, determine water or gas leaks or electrical problems and recognize readings that might suggest a problem.

Meter readers should have certain qualities to help them carry out their duties. They need to have good vision so they can read meters correctly. They also need to have physical endurance to perform their duties under various weather conditions. Moreover, they also need to have good peoples skills as they will interact with customers.

Meter readers need to have a valid driving license if they are going to drive on their route. If not, they need to be able to walk for kilometers. If it is not too much to ask, they would also need adequate running skills to escape from attacking dogs.