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Employment Opportunities at Hartsfield Airport
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is recognized as the world's busiest airport. Located in the top business city which is a transportation hub the airport plays an important role in the business of “synchronizing the world of commerce”, it accounts for connecting the region to the world. Jobs & employment at Hartsfield Airport has a wide range of categories from entry level positions to senior management, some works are rounded in shifts depending on operational roles. A variety of employers operated at ab airport including airport operator, retailers, National Air Traffic Services and Customs Immigration.

One of the benefits in working for the airport and the tourism industry is meeting different people. It is an exciting sector for diversity and experience. In particular, employees in the airport receive great benefits like travel incentives, discounts, and opportunities of career development. They also offer remuneration packages including:
Employee assistance program
Lon-term car parking
Travel offers

Hartsfield Airport provides occupations that you may be interested in:

Travel Agents

You can work for a specific airline and handle customer service. Some of the task involves booking and check-in assistance for passengers. Applying directly to the airline company would be an easier way to get hired.

Aircraft Mechanics

An aircraft mechanic's position is crucial for the safety of passengers. He does scheduled preventive maintenance on engines, landing gears and air conditioning.

Aircraft Traffic Controller

The men on the tower who control the movement of all air traffic. Controllers coordinate plane landings and takeoffs and reduce delays.

Airport Operations Specialist

The specialist that coordinates time-line of planes leaving from taxiways and ramp surfaces by communicating with the control tower in repositioning aircraft on the tarmac. Other tasks involve weather issues affecting departing and arriving planes.

Nonetheless, networking and communication are the key to obtaining a job in an airport. Here some of the steps to landing an airport job.

Peruse postings for Hartsfield Airport for interesting positions in career sites.
Visit your local airport and hand in your resumes.
Prepare for the interview